Brian Zimbler, MSW, Program Consultant

is an educational leader, social worker and professional facilitator. Brian has taken the lead in  coaching leaders, creating content and facilitating trainings in the area of change management, in particular positive culture and crisis prevention. Brian was a founding  administrator of the Brooklyn Frontiers High School,  a school dedicated to students who were repeatedly held back  in elementary or middle school. In this role, Brian designed and implemented successful school-wide initiatives, facilitated  professional development sessions, provided ongoing crisis intervention, and skillfully supervised a team of coaches and counselors.  Brian has also worked with the NYC Office of Multiple Pathways to Graduation, East Brooklyn Community High School, Royal Academy High School, and New Visions for Public Schools as an expert voice on how to best support struggling students. Brian's areas of expertise include change management, coaching, content development, counseling, crisis prevention, culture and climate, facilitation, and youth development.