Companies succeed or fail based on the communication between team members. This workshop illuminates the elements of active and authentic listening, clear communication, and effective feedback, offering you a toolkit of research-based strategies to use up, down and across your organization.


  •  Skills to promote active and authentic listening. 
  • Deeper awareness of your individual communication style and its impact on  your team's effectiveness.
  • Exploration and practice effective and constructive feedback strategies.
  • Opportunity to practice low-inference, effective forms of feedback.
  • Identification of communication blockers that get in the way of your team's productivity and cohesion.
  • Establishment of group norms to guide ongoing interactions.  
  • Concrete strategies to engage in constructive accountability to enhance team communication.
  • Enhanced trust  and an opportunity to have fun with your team.


This one-day program focuses on three essential communication keys: active and authentic listening, clear communication, and effective feedback. PowerTools uses team building activities, opportunities to practice strategies, and a customized focus on the communication dynamics of YOUR team to help participants both reflect on their own styles and strategize with colleagues to enhance group communication. 


Included in this program:

  • 45 minute intake call with team lead several weeks before the program to solidify objectives and learn about your team.
  • Data collection: distribution and analysis of online survey of all participants to gather data to be used during the Keys to Communication workshop.
  • 1-day Keys to Communication workshop including catered lunch.
  • Presentation of  PowerTools Findings and Recommendations document to team leads within two weeks after the Keys to Communication workshop.
  • Accountability and Long Term Impact meeting 6-8 weeks following the Findings and Recommendations meeting.
  • Optional coaching and additional workshops available.  
The workshop provided fresh perspective on collaboration, communication and collegiality in our office.
— Sydney Dulbery Office of Development, NYU Langone Medical Center