PowerTools partners with corporate clients to focus on strategies to transform their teams and create new possibilities for growth.


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 Imagine the power of a planning retreat combined with the fun and excitement of a team building offsite. PowerTeaming™ is our end-to-end comprehensive and highly customized solution, integrating  and catering to your company's  core values, language and key culture points. The result: higher engagement, deeper insight and concrete actions steps to boost your team's productivity and interactions.

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  1.  Insights and action steps to move your team forward   
  2.  Increased team morale and engagement.
  3.  Heightened awareness of  team strengths, challenges and   opportunities for growth.
  4.  A deeper understanding of group dynamics, explored in  a safe   environment.
  5.  Increased engagement and a shared experience you can talk about for months!


"Escape the room” challenge game meets diagnostic learning tool in this exciting outside-the-box experience. Your team battles the clock, uncovering clues and solving puzzles to escape the room,  while our consultants observe group interactions and dynamics. Post-game, we facilitate highly customized debrief sessions, eliciting team insights, connections to the workplace and opportunities to enhance teaming. To boost long-term impact, we meet  with team leads within in two weeks to present insights and action steps, then meet again 6-8 weeks later to support accountability and implementation.

A post-Power Team Building Strategic Planning Session brings home the lessons from Power Team Building.

A post-Power Team Building Strategic Planning Session brings home the lessons from Power Team Building.

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To maximize impact of service, PowerTools  offers extension solutions  to add onto your PowerTeaming™ session. 

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It was just what the doctor ordered. The organizational spin was excellent and the energy was much different after the event than I’ had seen before
— Connie, Iovation, Portland, Oregon
Great experience. Simply escaping the room would be far less insightful.
— Craig, Squarespace, New York, NY
I really feel it turns relationships on their head + lets us see others’ strengths + weaknesses on a level field, free of past interpretation
— Joseph, La Fromagerie, London, England
It was an exciting and very unique experience. It definitely exceeded my expectations.
— Joseph Restivo, Vice President Commercial Banking, JPMorgan Chase, New York City
It was really pivotal. It would be fruitless without identifying issues + bringing things into the light.
— Anna, Dior, NYC, New York
This was more structured and engaging than I thought it would be. The opportunity to cross-connect and share ideas for improvement has already led to broadening thoughts on improving communications
— Mike, Office of Development, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York City