Secret assignments, mystery ingredients, and high level collaboration combine in this Culture Cuisine Showcase. Your team will laugh, create community, and engage in a little healthy secrecy as you create food-based presentations that are then eaten in a communal celebration.


  1. Build trust and connection with colleagues through highly engaging activities..
  2. Shine a spotlight on your team/company's core values, impact and successes.
  3. Discuss current and desired team culture/climate in a structured, low-risk environment.
  4. Create or refine group norms that can be used moving forward during meetings, conflict, and interactions.
  5.  Showcase the talents of your group as you present and then EAT your edible creations. 


The day starts with activities to enhance trust and mutual appreciation. We then set norms to drive effective dynamics. The Culture Cuisine Showcase then begins, with small groups assigned to reflect team/company’s core values, impact and strengths through a food-based presentation. Presentations range from hilarious to profound. We close the workshop with a group reflection of strengths and opportunities to enhance teaming. And we eat.


Included in this program:

  • 45 minute intake call with team lead several weeks before Culture Cuisine Program to solidify objectives and learn about your team.
  • 4-hour Culture Cuisine Program including catered lunch.
  • Presentation of  PowerTools Findings and Recommendations document to team leads within two weeks of the Culture Cuisine Program.
  • Accountability and Long Term Impact meeting 6-8 weeks following the Findings and Recommendations meeting.
  • Optional coaching and additional workshops available.  
The Culture Cuisine retreat built trust and was a great way to connect our remote and onsite team. We’ve since integrated team building strategies into our weekly meetings.
— DC Vito, Executive Director The LAMP
There was a buzz at work for days after the Culture Cuisine retreat. What a great way to explore our core values and build community.
— Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center