Donna Mehle, B.C.C. M.F.A,  Lead Program Specialist     

is a Board Certified Coach, educator and master facilitator who  joined Dibner Consulting Services/PowerTools  in 2008 after more than 15 years of teaching. Donna provides leadership and executive coaching for PowerTools and  has taken the lead on our work with StoryCorps, F.E.G.S, CUNY-Early College Initiative, and a variety of high schools in NYC and NJ. Donna facilitates trainings nationally, co-designs customized, effective Advisory programs, supports school culture and climate, designs social emotional learning content,  assesses programs and  coaches leaders. In addition to her work with PowerTools, Donna  co-authored Activators: Classroom Engagement Strategies for Engaging Middle and High School students (published by Educators for Social Responsibility, 2013).  As a NYC educator, Donna taught high school Humanities, English and Drama, served as an Advisory and Literacy Coach as well as seminar leader for the New York City Writing Project and CUNY's College Now program.  Donna’s expertise includes Advisory, classroom management, student-centered instruction,  coaching, culture and climate development, curriculum development,  facilitation, leadership development student-centered literacy and youth development.