According to a recent Pew Research Center study, most working parents describe parenting as one of the most important things in their lives. However, balancing children's well-being and success with a professional life can lead to stress and fatigue both at home and work.* PowerTools' Power Parenting workshops are just what the doctor ordered. Research-based, non-judging, strategy-driven.   


  • The latest parenting and youth development research
  • Concrete, proven strategies to implement immediately
  • Opportunities to share parenting challenges, stressors and successes with a network of parent colleagues
  • Online resources to further embed learning

HOW IT WORKS: Our Workshops

THE POWER AND PERIL OF PRAISE: How we praise our children can have a lasting impact

 Stanford professor Carol Dweck's groundbreaking research demonstrates that small changes in the ways adults talk to children can have a big impact on their attitudes toward learning. This PowerTools workshop helps you navigate through helpful and harmful praise, and equip you with practical strategies to help your child practice a Growth Mindset, whichfosters patience, persistence, and resilience.  

RAISING KIDS AND KEEPING SANE: Understanding the Adolescent Brain

This engaging PowerTools workshop helps you make sense of your adolescent’s changing  (and sometimes frustrating) behaviors. You will walk away with resources and strategies to better understand your children's brain development and how to help them (and you!) navigate the ups and downs of adolescence. Additionally, research now shows that when students have an understanding of how their brain works, they are more academically successful. This workshop will offer you the tools to teach your children about their incredible, developing brains during this important time in their lives.

SELF CARE FOR WORKING PARENTS: Stress management strategies

If  you are  like the majority of working parents, stress and fatigue are no strangers. Let us pamper you with stress-reduction strategies that help ease your mind and maintain the energy and enthusiasm you need to raise your children.  Join with other parents/caregivers as we  discuss our struggles and strategies to keep our cool, take care of ourselves, and get through the day (and bedtime). You'll walk away with ready-to-use tools that you (and your child) can practice at home and at work. 

SET YOUR CHILDREN UP FOR SUCCESS: Fostering a Growth Mindset

Every adult wants their child to feel confident, be resilient, and be successful. However, most of us have heard our kids say things like ‘I can’t do this!”, "I give up", or “I hate math" (or another subject)!  This fun and practical workshop introduces you to Growth Mindset, an attitude toward learning that research shows fosters confidence, academic success and well-being. Whether your child is 1 or 21, you'll have "aha!" moments,  learn ways to support your child, form a network with other parents/caregivers, and gain access to ongoing online resources. 


These workshops are:

  • Located on or off-site.
  •  2-hours long.  Shorter or longer timeframes can be arranged to meet your company's needs. 
  • Accompanied by coaching  upon request.
  • Facilitated by PowerTools consultants: parents, educators, and/or social workers

*Pew Research Center Study: Millennials-A Portrait of Generation Next, February 2010