Finally! The power of a planning retreat combined with the excitement of a team building offsite. PowerTools presents PowerTeaming™

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PowerTeaming™ leverages the escape room experience to foster collaborative problem solving, heightened self-awareness, and insights that boost teaming and productivity. While your team plays, our consultants observe group strengths and team dynamics. A professionally facilitated debrief session follows the game so that team members can reflect,  gain insights, and identify action steps that turn to long term team enhancements. 


  1.  Insights and action steps to move your team forward
  2. Increased team morale and engagement.
  3. Heightened awareness of  team strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth.
  4. A deeper understanding of group dynamics, explored in  a safe environment.
  5. Increased engagement and a shared experience you can talk about for months!


"Escape the room” challenge game meets diagnostic learning tool in this exciting outside-the-box experience. Your team battles the clock, uncovering clues and solving puzzles to escape the room,  while our consultants observe group interactions and dynamics. Post-game, we facilitate highly customized debrief sessions, eliciting team insights, connections to the workplace and opportunities to enhance teaming. To boost long-term impact, we meet  with team leads within in two weeks to present insights and action steps, then meet again 6-8 weeks later to support accountability and implementation.



A post-Power Team Building Strategic Planning Session brings home the lessons from Power Team Building.

A post-Power Team Building Strategic Planning Session brings home the lessons from Power Team Building.

This was more structured and engaging than I thought it would be. The opportunity to cross-connect and share ideas for improvement has already led to broadening thoughts on improving communications
— Mike, Office of Development, NYU Langone Medical Center
It was an exciting and very unique experience. It definitely exceeded my expectations.
— Joseph Restivo, Vice President Commercial Banking, JPMorgan Chase