PowerTools collaborates with schools to foster learning environments where all members of the school community feel connected, valued and intellectually stimulated. PowerTools values the school community as the experts in their culture and therefore start by conducting a 360 degree assessment. The collected data is shared with the school ,  supporting them to  prioritize  the path of culture transformation. PowerTools uses a strength based approach to enhance positive school culture and climate through: 

  • Culture and Climate Shift Work If your school culture needs a boost, we can help. We start with our 360 Degree Audit to interview the experts (members of your own school community, from students to secretaries to safety agents) about the current climate and culture. We then feed the data back to a leadership team and we support ta staff roll out of date. The school then prioritizes next steps and creates action plans. We’re with you to provide structure, guidance and expertise during the culture enhancement process. Some action plans have revolved around: PBIS, RTI, School-wide rituals, restorative practices, positive school branding, cultural awareness, engagement strategies, rituals and celebrations. We work with a school-based team so the power stays in your hands.

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Our Unconscious Bias and Culturally Responsive Teaching Institute, Equity Team support, as well as coaching and consulting will help your school to develop systems, protocols and interactions that promote inclusion and belonging for all school community members. Through our services, staff will raise awareness of bias and inequity through school-driven data and will learn anti-bias and culturally responsive teaching strategies that can be immediately implemented. Further, we support Equity Teams to develop action plans and guide the team through the process to promote equity.

  • Restorative Practices support PowerTools offers Restorative Practice training for adults and youth, and coaching to keep the work going. Our Youth Restorative Practices Program for students lets youth lead their younger peers in circles to raise youth voice.

  • Trauma Informed Practice workshops, coaching and school-wide support

  • Social Emotional Learning structures such as Advisory, town hall meetings, competitions, talent shows, events and research-based curriculum aligned with CASEL’s SEL Framework.

  • Youth programming that fosters a sense of equity, belonging and Social-Emotional skills while enhancing capacity of youth as change agents. (See youth page)

  • Culture Reform tactical planning with your school-based team. This customized work will be driven by your vision and guided by our expert facilitators.


 Advisory programs have the capacity to transform a school into a close-knit community where all students are supported.  According to Brown University,  the effectiveness of an Advisory program is dependent on its purpose, organization, content, leadership, and assessment.  PowerTools has a passion for Advisory, and our consultants are former Advisory coaches, Advisors, social workers, and youth development experts who have an expertise in supporting this important and sometimes challenging program. We offer:







Check out our SEL PowerTools Toolkits!

Are you looking for high quality, engaging SEL/ mental health sessions that require no preparation? Our Toolkits are  "ready-to-go" units in a box that include teacher-created lesson plans and ALL the materials you need! Check out our store for the following Toolkits. We also offer Toolkit-related training for educators.

  • Anxiety and Stress Management Toolkit

  • Growth Mindset Toolkit

  • Slow Marble Race: A Growth Mindset Challenge

  • Gratitude Toolkit

  • The Student-Led Meeting Toolkit

  • Community Building I Toolkit (for newly formed groups)

  • Community Building II Toolkit (for already formed groups)

Middle school students prepare for student-led conferences during an advisory session.

Middle school students prepare for student-led conferences during an advisory session.

At a culture and climate retreat, a principal explores ways to make her school's mission come alive.

At a culture and climate retreat, a principal explores ways to make her school's mission come alive.

Experiential learning at a PowerTools’ professional learning session

Experiential learning at a PowerTools’ professional learning session

Staff reported on how the professional development offered from Power Tools improved their communication skills with students and provided them with strategies for building community in the classroom and throughout the school. This training also helped them to better understand and empathize with students, thereby, helping them to avoid emotional reactions to student behavior. They felt that the alternative strategies they were learning were effective in keeping students engaged and on-task.
— New York State Education Department Site Visit Report, Nov 2015 Site: East Fordham Academy For the Arts
Our Advisory Wheel points out the essential elements of a healthy Advisory Program

Our Advisory Wheel points out the essential elements of a healthy Advisory Program

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We know what it’s like to teach: the amazing complexities, the joys, the intense accountability and the stress. PowerTools offers coaching and Professional Learning Sessions (PDs) to help teachers maximize their capacity through professional learning sessions, observations, modeling, coaching and consulting . Using a strength-based, Growth Mindset approach aligned with the Danielson Framework, PowerTools supports teachers to maximize youth voice, engage students in relevant learning, communicate high expectations and support, and infuse social emotional learning into their practice.


PowerTools provides individual and team coaching for school leaders. We use an evidence-based approach to support effective teaming, “managerial skills”, constructive communication, conflict resolution, systems thinking, and self-care. Our process is strength-based and customized to meet the objectives of the team and school leaders.


PowerTools offers customized workshops for parents/caregivers, toolkits and training for parent coordinators,  and facilitation of family events. We collaborate with schools and families to  identify avenues to increase family engagement while fostering a home-school connection based on common language and understanding. Take a look at our families page for more information about our newest workshops.


PowerTools offers research-based programs, workshops, and events  for youth that enhance their ability to build self-awareness, social awareness, leadership skills, self-care, self-and collective advocacy, positive sense of identity, healthy decision making skills, sense of personal power, self-expression, and collaborative problem solving (yes, all that!). We can customize our programs to fit the needs of your school. Programs include Restorative Practices Youth Leaders, Young Women’s Leadership Program, Young Men’s Leadership Program, Art for Youth Activists, Change Agent Program. We offer a Youth Leadership Institute, For other offerings, see our youth page.