Understanding the Adolescent Brain

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Understanding the Adolescent Brain


Date: July 11, 2019

Time: 9am-3pm

Location: 222 Broadway, 19th Floor  NY NY 10038 (entrance on Fulton)

Earn 6 CTLE Credits (for teachers, leaders and teaching assistants)

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Learning about the adolescent brain is like unlocking a box of answers. You’ll better understand student behaviors, mood swings, why they are addicted to their phones, and why they can be so upset with you one day and love you the next. Together we’ll unwrap the mystery of the adolescent brain and introduce strategies that maximize engagement, memory and learning.

Come join us for a full-day workshop to: 

  • Explore how adolescents’ brains are changing and what that means for them and us.

  • Learn about how the brain learns and how small shifts in our practice can increase engagement and information retention

  • Explore and practice fun activities that you can turnkey to students

  • Walk away with resources and ideas how to be more brain-based in your school setting.