Brain-Based Teaching Workshop Series Dec 14, 2016 NYC

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Brain-Based Teaching Workshop Series Dec 14, 2016 NYC


December 14th 9am-3pm NYC*

This practical, evidence-based and fun 1 day course is designed for new teachers who want to have more impact on their students’ attitude to perseverance, hard work and challenge. Brain-Based Teaching provides essential resources and coaching to help new teachers work smarter, not harder. This session is followed up with a 2 hour after school booster session to reinforce learning.

Please contact us if you prefer to sign up via a purchase order. PowerTools, LLC's vendor number is: 47-1879339

*Exact location available upon registration. This course takes place on W 26th street.



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Outline of the Course

Exploration: Take a deep dive into how the brain learns, neuroplasticity and Growth Mindset.

Application: BrainPowered Practice’s effective teacher strategies to enhance success: Big up the Brain,  Point out the Practice,  Make Meaning from Mistakes.

Collaboration: Work together to develop action plans to embed BrainPowered practices into your practice.

Reflection: Synthesize information learned and reflect on next steps needed in order to be successful at integrating BrainPowered Practice strategies


Booster Session

A 2-hour after-school session for participants to share implementation,  address challenges and identify avenues for continued peer-to-peer support within this network.