Donations to YWLP!

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Donations to YWLP!

from 25.00

Offer young women the chance to hone their personal power and leadership skills in the Young Women’s Leadership Program.

Sponsor essential materials for a participant - $50

Offer a quarter, half or full sponsorship for a young woman - $100, $200, $350

Partially sponsor a Young Women’s Leadership Program- allowing us to serve young women throughout the five boroughs -n$500.00

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The Young Women’s Leadership Program supports girls between the ages of 10-21 to realize their personal power and build leadership skills. Participants support each other to identify their core values, set and maintain goals, use their voice to communicate with authority, and hone their collaborative leadership skills. This program is evidence-based, fun and youth-centered. We welcome all cis-gendered, transgendered, and gender fluid girls.

The Purpose

  • Build resilience, enhanced self-compassion, sense of identity, and recognition of personal values and assets

  • Realization of social and academic goals

  • Enhanced communication, conflict resolution, and collaborative problem solving skills

  • Create a sense of connection, empathy and shared power with other young women

The Process:

  • The young women participate in 14 during or after-school sessions (longer programs are 24 sessions)

  • We focus on our YWLP five point process:

    • What does leadership mean?

    • Who am I and what are my values?

    • Who has paved the path for us young women?

    • How can we live in alignment with our values?

    • How do we practice collaborative leadership?

  • Our program includes an off-site Young Women’s Leadership Retreat including an escape room adventure.

  • The program concludes with personal presentations to the group, allowing the young women to share their learnings, goals, and personal identity as a leader.


“I never ever thought about my values before. This program changed the way I think about myself!”

“The Young Women’s Leadership Program is like our safe space. We all talk to each other about anything. You’d never know that some of us had beef with each other outside of here.”

“Now I know how to break a goal down into smaller chunks. This will help me to reach my goals and help other girls to reach theirs”