Survival Toolkit for New + Newish Teachers

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Survival Toolkit for New + Newish Teachers


Date: July 17, 2019

Time: 9am-3pm

Location: 222 Broadway, 19th Floor  NY NY 10038 (entrance on Fulton St)

Earn 6 CTLE credits (for teachers, leaders and teaching assistants)

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If you are like every other new or newish teacher, you’re likely a bit exhausted, full of ideas of what NOT to do next year, and ( hopefully) cognizant of the gains you made and lessons you want to replicate as you gear up for next year. This workshop, led by a veteran teacher, will guide you through some reflection of successes and struggles, will introduce some winning strategies + offer answers to your questions.. Lets’ gear up for a great year next school year!

Come join us for a half-day workshop to: 

  • Have a safe/non-judging space to reflect on what went well and not so well

  • Learn some iron clad strategies to maintain classroom management, regulate your stress, and be consistent in class.

  • Ask questions that have been on your mind

  • Create a supportive network of colleagues with whom you can learn and share best practices.

  • Develop an action outline that will support you to feel more prepared and excited for next year.

You can earn 6 CTLE credits for this one day workshop.