Youth Power! Art for Youth Activists is an fun weekly program that enables youth to raise their voice, raise awareness and make a difference using art as their medium. Guided by professional teaching  artists, youth select select topics that are important to them and then create art and actions that help spread the word to and with the community. Past topics have included immigration, animal testing and body image and race. This program is offered during and after school. 

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 Youth Artists at the East Fordham Academy For the Arts stand in front of their mural, 2016

Youth Artists at the East Fordham Academy For the Arts stand in front of their mural, 2016

Want to build school culture? Let students lead the way in this exciting art program where youth design and create a public mural  while practicing social emotional strategies and art skills. Offered during or after school, youth enhance their leadership skills, practice collaborative problem solving and self-expression while having a blast and beautifying their school. 

The Purpose:

  • Enhance school culture through a student-centered mural project.
  • Increase student sense of belonging and connection to their school and peers.
  • Increase positive self-identity, Growth Mindset and recognition of personal assets
  • Develop artistic and leadership skills
  • Opportunity to showcase their identities, strengths, passions, community and personal power.

The Process:

  • Students examine the core values, mission and culture of their school, identifying ways they are played out in the day-to-day.
  • Guided by professional artists, youth collaboratively identify a mural theme that reflects these core values and school culture.
  • Youth design and realize each step of the artistic process, creating a customized and detailed mural on the school's interior wall. 
  • Youth participate in an "Unveiling" in which they share their personal journey, and the purpose and impact of the mural on themselves individually as well as their school. 


"We got to participate in drawing and creating the mural. It was fun and it increased our interest in the school. We could show off what we're doing and how we're improving." - 7th grader
"I liked the teamwork- we agreed to what we were going to do and we all knew what we were doing."  - 6th grader
Our teachers showed us leadership because the actually let us relax when we were doing work. They let us have fun."
"I didn't think I could do this, but I did. I feel like a real artist."
"I learned that doing a mural is a lot of work. We had to trace, we measured and we took pictures"

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